An overview of the artists

Australia: England: Germany: Italy: Israel: Japan/Denmark:



United States:

Grahan Hay (Australia)

Maggue Bunzl (England) Paul Johnson (England)

Gangolf Ulbricht (Germany)
Vito Capone (Italy)

Paul Jackson (Israel)

Yuko Takada Keller (Japan/Denmark)

MariŽlle van den Bergh (Netherlands) Dan Geesin (Netherlands)
Zhanhong Liao (Netherlands)

Berdien Nieuwenhuizen (Netherlands)
Vivian Rozenbeek (Netherlands)

Mathijs Stegink (Netherlands)

Paulo Taborda Barreto (Netherlands)

Karin Muhlert Scotland)

Misch Kohn (United States)

Dianne Reeves (United States)

John Risseeuw (United States) Raymond Tomasso (United States)

Holland Paper Biennial 2004

The next Holland Paper Biennial will be organized in the summer of the year 2004. If you would like to participate, please send us at least 5 photographs or slides of your recent artworks and a curriculum vitae in English before September 1, 2003. At the end of September 2003 a jury will meet and make a choice for the Holland Paper Biennial 2004. All photographs and slides will be returned.

Museum Rijswijk
Holland Paper Biennial 2004
Herenstraat 67
2282 BR Rijswijk
The Netherlands

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